Sand Washing Plant

Founded in 2015, Sand Washing Plant is a well-known brand in Ahmedabad offering front lawn sand washing services. This service ensures that your front lawn is clean so you can use it for parties and social gatherings while keeping it clean at the same time. Our sand washing machine services are provided by professionals who know what they are doing and can undertake any project from small to large depending on your needs.


  • Reasonable constitution and minimum maintenance.
  • High processing capacity and low power consumption.
  • Durable weak parts and low cost


Convotech Engineering is a professional company where we sell high-quality sand washing plants and services to our customers. We have buyers from all over India and also some internationals who order our sand washing plant for home/business use. Are you looking for a reliable supplier of sand washing equipment? If so, we can offer you unmatched quality at a competitive price! “The best way to get quality sand washing equipment is to buy directly from the manufacturer! Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Technical Data

Product ID CTE-SW-01
Motor Power 15.5 kW
Model/Type CE/SWP
Material MS
Brand/Make ConvotechEngineering
Impeller Speed 1.179 r/min
Input Size Up to 10 mm


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