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Municipal solid waste segregation plants

Municipal solid waste segregation Plant is an essential part of waste management for every city. An effectively operated MSW plant offers the following advantages: Up to 95% of the city’s solid waste is reused and recycled. This marginally reduces the landfill area and the odor around landfill dumping sites only stones go to the dumping yard.

We provide heavy duty Trommels screens with customized drum openings to suit the customer’s needs, to enable effective management of material. The Trommels manufactured can be used in a range of settings, whether it be cleaning or simply screening & sizing. Our Trommel Screen are used in all types of waste legacy/daily or wet waste.

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Solid waste processing plant-types, processes, benefits, and licensing

Solid waste management is critical for environmental sustainability. Solid wastes are materials that have been dumped or that have been squandered. Organic trash, recyclable garbage, and hazardous waste are the three forms of solid waste. Municipal solid waste management entails a variety of operations. It starts with collection and then transfers to a municipal solid waste processing plant. At the factory, garbage is segregated, recycled, and processed, ensuring responsible disposal and resource recovery.

Furthermore, waste management has the following main benefits: it decreases pollution, conserves resources, and preserves ecosystems. By correctly disposing of garbage, we may significantly reduce the amount of potentially dangerous contaminants and chemicals that enter our water, air, and soil.

If you want to start a solid waste recycling plant, you’ll need the necessary permits. Regulations vary by area, but permits for garbage disposal, recycling, and environmental compliance are usually needed. A well-planned, regulatory-compliant solid waste treatment plant may aid in improving garbage management, reducing environmental impact, and encouraging a more sustainable approach to waste disposal.

features and advantages

  • Proficient in both wet and dry applications.
  • Trommel consists of concentric end sections & beam design with bolt-on screen plates.
  • Perfectly concentric, eliminating vibration or wobble.
  • Cylindrical drum driven by chain & sprocket drive.
  • Available in a variety of diameters & lengths.

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    Happy Client Says

    LUTHRA GROUP – Green Gene Enviro Protection And Infra Structure Private Limited

    Successfully Erect and Commissioned a huge MSW segregation plant at Ahmedabad Dump Site for Compost and RDF

    Description of equipment: solid waste management segregation plant – trommels /mbf chevron t belt conveyor etc.

    LUTHRA GROUP – Green Gene Enviro Protection And Infra Structure Private Limited

    Supplied complete Trommel plant for GEPIL – A part of Luthra Group at Ahmedabad Dump Site.

    Description of equipment: Chevron Belt Conveyor /10 Meters/5 Meters


    A TWO STAGE Trommel Plant has been supplied at ITA NAGAR at ARUNACHAL PRADESH for Ita Nagar – Nagar Palika for Municipal Solid Waste Segregation plant for two sizes of waste segregation plus RDF.

    Description of equipment: MSW legacy waste segregation plant

    Celestial Waste Management

    Kapadwanj Municipal Department – Supplied and running successfully for 300 TPD capacity of plant for compost and RDF.

    Description of equipment: MSW legacy waste plant/300 TPD


    Rajasthan – Municipal Solid waste Management complete plant for Rajasthan Municipality department for 500 TPD capacity

    Description of equipment: Regacy waste segregation mobile plant

    Meenakshi Enterprises

    A sand Washing and Screening plant supplied to a customer based in Pune and Erection done at Junagadh – Gujarat …. De Watering Screen to get the moisture from the wet washed Sand

    Description of equipment: De watering screen 120 – 150 TPH

    River Aayush Private Limited

    A complete Sand Screening Plant with 2 decks vibrating Screen supplied for Concrete sand and Plaster Sand.

    Description of equipment: Rotary screening plant.

    Swastik Infra Structure – Mumbai

    A Mobile Sand Screening plant supplied to MUMBAI based company, plant fixed at Bihar For 2 decks Sand Screening Mobile Plant – Successfully running without any maintenance

    Description of equipment: Mobile screening plant for 200 TPH.


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    Among the simplest devices for washing sand and removing silts and clays is a Fine Material Screw Washer, often called a sand screw. It can be installed on the ground next to a wet vibrating screen. Via a simple flume or chute, a slurry flow of water and sand can be used to feed the sand screw

    A sand and gravel wash plant works by separating the sand and gravel from dirt, clay and other debris. The material is first sent through a conveyor belt into a large hopper that pre-screens the material. Then it is fed into a trommel with rotating screens to further separate the material

    Wash plants are essential for aggregate processing projects. A wash plant typically enables operators to achieve superior product classification and sizing by removing dirt, slime, silt, clay and various other types of debris from the product.