Vibrating Sand Screening Machine

Vibrating Sand Screening Machine is a machine that removes oversize material from granular bulk material. Vibrating screens can be used for removing unwanted coarse material, sifting, de-lumping or separating products of different sizes from each other.



The vibrating screen machine is a new type of screening and sorting equipment by adopting vibration technology to the screening and sorting equipment. The vibration shaking can bring about larger particles at the bottom area, and the smaller particles will be located at the top area; causing the large and small particles in layers. After taking advantage of few parameters such as length of material, speed of vibration, the thickness of the material, amount of feed rate and dissimilar layer technology, etc., we can get different kinds of materials by the vibrating screen machine.

The vibrating screen is a device to classify the material after being crushed. It uses vibration and frequency difference to separate materials, it should be used in the process of crushing plants, mainly for the separation of large and small materials or metal and nonmetal separation. When screening the particle size distribution increases from small to large, then after the broken material enters into another machine for grinding or screening, so as to change the particle size distribution gradually decreased.


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