Spiral Sand Washer

Sand is the enemy of many valuables, due to its ability to shorten the circuit and damage sensitive components. That’s why our spiral sand wash is a good investment: it cleans all traces of sand and debris from circuit boards, metal parts and other sensitive parts. Capable of cleaning up to 10 pounds per minute, it increases production by eliminating downtime for repairs


Spiral sand washer is a kind of efficient sand and gravel washing machine, widely used for washing sand and stone, grading and removing impurities.


Spiral sand washers are also called sand screw washers, especially used for the production of quality sand for construction, highway, railway, glass making, water and electricity industries and more.

Convotech Engineering is made simple, efficient and cost-effective using spiral sand washers.



Convotech Engineering Present Spiral Sand Washer effectively removes sand, silt and dirt from lakes, mines, nearby coastal areas and effectively removes sand or silt anywhere. The spiral sand washer quickly cleans the lake areas and shores of mud as well as open water.

Technical Data

Product ID CTE-SSW-01
Usage/Application Industrial
Capacity 30 – 120 TPH
Material MS
Brand/Make ConvotechEngineering


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