Sand Washing and Dewatering Machine

Our product is used for washing and dewatering atomic sand in the mining process, mainly applied to different types of non-metallic ores and different types of rocks. The main parts include a vibrating feeder, rough machine and sand sorting machine. This type of machine is widely used in the process of ore dressing of course and ultra-fine ores such as calcite, limestone, dolomite, barite, peat, marble, etc. It cannot be used for quartz sand.



Our sand washing dewatering and recycling machine integrate water washing sand, fine sand water and fine sand recycling in commercial locations. It is also called a washing sand recycling machine, fine sand recycling and dewatering machine and sludge sand washing separate device.

Our sand washing and dewatering machine (sand washer/sand dewatering machine) can be used to wash construction sand, mine and water conservation sand, making the sand clean, large size, no impurities and fine.

Sand washing and water washing machine-vertical-shaft sand washing were designed in the year 2015 by our experts. For both domestic as well as international customers.

As a reliable leader in the production of washing and dewatering machines, Sand Washing has a large number of investments in sectors such as hydropower, steel, cement and mining.

Technical Data

Product ID CTE-SWDM001
Material SS,MS,Cast Iro
Brand/Make ConvotechEngineering
Feed Capacity CTE 5 to CTE 200
Model Range Up to 10 mm


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