Sand Screening Plant

Detailed equipment information is limited and Convotech Engineering. The auctioneers did not inspect any aspects or components of the equipment other than the equipment shown here. As stated explicitly, we do not express, imply or imply, any representations or implied warranties regarding the equipment or components, including any representations or implied warranties of efficacy, compatibility or requirements of applicable authorities or regulators, efficiency, compatibility or compliance. Fitness for body, specific purpose or commerciality. It is strongly recommended that the equipment be personally inspected prior to bidding.




Specialty :

The equipment has not been loading tested. We make no representations or warranties that the equipment will operate in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Functional aspects are not examined here unless clearly stated. Only certain photos are provided for individual chassis components. These images may not reflect the condition of the entire chassis.


Dimensions :

The dimensions are just an estimate. Actual load parameters may vary depending on the height of the truck/trailer and the configuration/position of the loaded machine. The buyer is responsible for measuring all loads before leaving our auction site so that cargo can be transported safely. The buyer should check all the parameters. Do not rely on these parameters for transport purposes.

Technical data

Model/Type CTE-SSM001
Motor Power 5 HP
Body Material MS
Usage/Application Screening
Brand/Make Convotech Engineering
Number Of Conveyor Three


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