Rotary Sand Screening Machine

Our Rotary Screening Machine is capable of grading materials from various mesh sizes from coarse to fine, and also produces extremely smooth surfaces. Using the rotary screening process, the particles can be separated into sizes classified by size differences with a certain amount of weight.



Rotary Sand Screening Machines In India, we have the right equipment to suit your needs. Our best experience in the sale of screening equipment, they are an authority when it comes to sand screening machines and other related equipment. They offer free on-site consultations so you can see their sand testing machines at work before you buy. They are running locations across India for your convenience.

A rotary sand screening machine is a machine used to check sand for small particles. That positive circular motion makes it perfect for separating sand from gravel and large particles. The mine is easy to move to different locations, is portable and can be used with or without electricity.

Technical Data

Product ID CT-RSS001
Usage/Application Industrial
Material SS,MS,Cast Iron
Brand/Make ConvotechEngineering
Automation Grade Automatic


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