Hydro cyclone Sand Washer

We are a manufacturer of Hydrocyclone Sand Washer and Export. Our sand washing is five times more energy-saving than a normal sand washing machine, which is used to wash any sand or stone chip in stone, metallurgy, construction and other industries.



Our hydro cyclone separates and filters water by centrifugal force. Water is taken up by the impeller on the perimeter of the chamber, carried inside and sent through a number of slits to the bottom plate. Particles are thrown down, while muddy water carries sand. The clean water goes into the collection tank and is directed to flow back into the feed tub.


Hydro cyclone sand washers are mainly used in mining, metallurgy, science, building materials, coal washing and other mineral processing industries, and are widely used in low energy consumption and high efficiency, high magnetic separation ratio, building materials, coal mining. Construction industries, and more. We provide reliable service to customers around the world for over 6+ years.

Technical Data

Product ID CT-HC001
Material SS,MS,Cast Iron
Brand/Make ConvotechEngineering
Model Range RSW 5 to RSW 200
Feed Capacity From 5 – 500 TPH


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