Dewatering Screens

Accelerated substances with a fraction of the force of gravity on the inclined water screen will cause a trip towards the end of the discharge while the water is being examined by appropriate screening means.



Key features/benefits:

Engineered up to 2.44m in width and 6.1m in length

Excellent water removal

High load capacity

Single sheet sidewall

The low total cost of ownership

The epoxy adhesive is used between all mating surfaces to protect against corrosion

All-bolted construction using locking bolts to ensure structural integrity

Fitted with modular screen deck panels providing long life, easy handling and maintenance with the ability to replace areas of localized wear

Molded rubber buffers are used on all four support points to isolate live frame vibrating loads and prevent corrosion in wet applications

Easily adjustable discharge weir height to control the moisture of the discharge material

Features rubber installed to protect the machinery from wear and lower the total cost of ownership

Available in heavy-duty configurations designed to deliver high throughput and perform in hard-wearing applications

Offered with vibrator motors or exciters (size dependent)

A key product within our range of Weir Minerals sand wash plants



Dewatering mineral concentrates

Dewatering tailings

Dewatering sand


Screening Sand

Sand recovery

Scalping oversize from suspensions and slurries



Classification and Separation (Mining)

Classification and Separation (Aggregates)

Mine Dewatering Systems

Technical Data

Product ID CTE-DS001
Protection IP55
Material MS,SS
Brand/Make ConvotechEngineering


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